Roll, pitch and yaw: Attitude

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Long, long time ago I can still remember when I was a young man I  have always had the necessity to communicate and express myself. Why?…maybe because I always have believed the real way to succeed in life – in my personal life – is communication.

Did you know communication is a passion, a need to live…? «Life is so beautiful»…said Vito Corleone before dying. Do you remember The Godfather? It is a Mario Puzo’s astounding play… really the best.

Reading the book better than only watching the film you may feel another sensibility and you may find out more concepts about life where communication is so astonishing.

You can dive inside this play and figure out signification mob´s rules . But on the other hand the play Mob Rules: What the Mafia Can Teach the Legitimate Businessman. Former mobster Louis Ferrante reveals his surprisingly effective management techniques and he explains how to apply them legally to any legitimate business and I think in our personal way of action around our life too.

I am a non-native speaker. Many talent seekers are always looking for bilingual people. I apologize for I use the language to create the best possible communication and in English too.

Are you a talent seeker? If you are always hunting talent I do think you ought to check your brain out and take a look  what´s on your mind. It is a must.

Did you know what ELF is ? Acronymic from English Like a Lingua Franca not rubbish English, real communication and amazing shape of a Koiné language.

Please, let me illustrate – humbly – about my perception. Communication is a great soft skill. Use this skill to control The Art of Being Right and honesty performance. Our «zeitgeist» must change our current way of communication. We need more real communication in our Planet Earth because we have a new particular period in time already.

Remember: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematic…they have forgotten the epistemology of the social sciences…and I scream and shout: Holy crap!

Albert Einstein quoted: “Insanity doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different outcomes”

Our society has a big lack of connection with just reality. Take a look around The World: Migrant crisis. Again…Holy crap! What do you think about it? Do you have any consideration about them and your life style?

First of all we must support the human rights. After all this human life style, do you look away now?

I don’t believe in the maximum level of Neoliberalism. I hate it. Neoliberalism is not Liberalism. In this case I support  to Oxford Manifesto 1997 extension from Oxford Manifesto 1947.  Liberalism is an instrument to the community…security from the hazards of sickness, equality and equity, the welfare of the community must prevail and must be safeguarded from the insanity sort of workfares, the free exchange of ideas, news, goods and services between nations…too many basic and crucial ideas here…

All the things above expose that  they have a common root: not keeping useless

Be more free – Be more dog – Be more gifted.

I remember this poster in Edinburgh:

If you wish to undertake a real change in your live you must undergo it to new process on time. What’s it all about? How do you manage roll, pitch and yaw to relocate your current thoughts?  With a simple word: Attitude. Life is “airworthiness”, is an attitude for safe «life» flight. Relocate your zeitgeist in 3D axes and also on time: A watched pot never boils.

A social media post has several rules, but for me the most important feature is that you only may use between five and seven-hundred words. If you use a little set of words it is so hard write and convey a lot of thoughts. And in the English language…the worst but I carry on.

 Dear Mr.Albaizar – master –  this is the great challenge. I got it!

Finally, this post is especially dedicated and goes to:

  • My Dear Attorney, her huge friendship and thrust enthralled my heart;
  • My Dear Hummingbird, her fantastic courage enthralled my soul ;
  • My Dear Jenny, her hospitality and sweet smile makes me feel at home;
  • And my SpaniardUsa bro, his advice in the right direction and he gave me English communication. englishopensourse is waiting for us in the future dude!

Hey friends, please correct my mistakes.

My last meditation: Please, don’t let her go: LIFE is LIVE. I feel better already. It´s over and break a leg!

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